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A safety fence is a device designed to prevent passage into dangerous areas. It may be a hard barrier that physically blocks passage, or a soft barrier that regulates circuits based on the presence of foreign bodies. The safety fence serves a dual purpose: to protect the health of employees and protect the environment. Safety barriers help to mitigate the risk of injury and death. 
Orange safety fences are highly visible and help people to know the limits of an area. They are used in construction projects because they are visible and serve a signaling function. Plastic net safety fences are versatile and can be used in many kinds of construction projects. They can be combined with other construction materials, such as traffic cones, orange marker posts, and safety mesh. A safety fence should be installed and properly anchored prior to the E&S measure becoming accessible.
A safety fence is a barrier that protects operators from dangerous industrial machinery. Automated machines, process control equipment, and robotic work cells are all potential dangers to workers. By installing a physical barrier, operators will be protected and reduce the likelihood of injury and lawsuits. This prevents machine downtime and reduces costs. And it makes sense to protect your employees as well. 
Before installing a safety fence, measure the area you want to protect. Determine how tall you need the fence to be. The height of the danger zone dictates the horizontal distance. For example, a 2200mm high fence requires a horizontal distance of 400mm, so if you are looking to protect an entire floor, consider choosing a safety fence that has a higher horizontal distance. As you will notice, there are eight different heights to choose from, but two of the most common is 2200mm.

Shaoxing Hengwen Net Cloth Co., Ltd. is professional China Safety Fence factory and cheap Safety Fence company. Founded in 2012 and located in the historical town Lanting, Shaoxing City. We specialize in producing the plastic netting with the advanced production lines. With the help of the simple working operation and stable computer control system, our products always keep excellent with low defective rate.

Furthermore, our management strictly arranges the production under constant monitoring and random inspection. This really helps the products in good condition. With 7 years of manufacturing experience in custom Safety Fence, our products are ranged widely in safety fence, square mesh, hexagonal mesh, diamond mesh and mesh bag fence. Our engineers are still continuing on developing the new products.

Now our products mentioned above are widely exported to Europe, North America, South America, South-east Asia, the Middle East and Africa. With the excellent quality, favorable prices and sincere after-sale service, our products are widely accepted by our customers and occupy the markets more and more. We are constantly designing new plastic netting for the customers worldwide to meet the demands of the markets.

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